1. Organization.

Royal Iberia Events organizes the International Terres de l'Ebre Base Soccer Tournament, which will take place on 19th, 20h and 21 of April at the grass artificial fields of Sant Carles de la Ràpita and Amposta.

2. Participating Categories

Category A: Under eight

Category B: Under ten

Category C: Under twelve

3. Playing times and substitutions

- The playing time will consist of two parts of 15 minutes per part, with a break of 2 minutes between them.

- Substitutions between players will be made with the system of free changes, without needing to notify the referee.

4. The group Phase

During the group phase, all teams in the same group will make a league between them in a single round.

 Score system:

The group phase will make according to the following criteria:

- 3 points per match won.

- 1 point per match tied.

- 0 points per match lost.

 Final Classification:

In case of a tie, between two teams, the final classification will be governed by the following norms:

1.- Result of direct confrontation.

2.- Highest number of goals scored.

3.- Fewer goals conceded.

4.- The youngest team.

In case of a tie between more than two teams a classification will be made considering only the matches played between these teams.

5. The final phase/consolation phase.

The matches of round of 16, quarterfinals, semi-finals, final and consolation phase, will be per direct elimination matches.

In case of tie in eliminatory match, will proceed to the launch of 3 penalties per team to decide the winning team.

Category under eight

- The top 4 finishers will play in the quarterfinals.

- Teams ranked 5th and 6th will compete in the consolation phase.

Category under ten

- The top 4 finishers in each group will play in the round of 16.

- The teams classified in 5th place will compete the consolation phase.

Category under twelve

- The top 4 finishers in each group will play in the round of 16.

- The teams classified in 5th and 6th place will compete the consolation phase.

6. Trophies

In all categories will be given to:

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the tournament

- Best player: chosen by the coach of the opposing team after each match.

- Best goalkeeper: chosen by the tournament coaches.

- Top scorer: chosen by the maximum number of goals made during the tournament.

- Medals for all participants.


- Best fans: chosen by the organization of the tournament

- Fair Play Team: chosen by the organization of the tournament.

7. Insurances

It is the participating clubs’ responsibility that all players hasa validsports club card, as well as their health coverage. The organization of the Tournament has civil liability insurance.

8. General Regulations.

Everything not provided in this regulation will be decided following the parameters of the regulation of the Catalan Federation of Soccer, it is necessary remember that all the refereeing of the matches will be federated and any incidence can be recorded in the minutes.

9. Important points

- The organization will not provide balls to warm up. Each team will use their own.

- 5 minutes before the start of the match, the organization will review the players participating in the match.

- After each game, you can order fruit and drink from the organization.


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